Friday, June 01, 2012


At least that is what iBodger is telling me concerning my completed Cryx models.  I actually made a good effort and haven't been to Game Vault in 2 weeks, and probably wont be there until the 9th, to unload stuff at a swap meet (tons of Skorne).

So here are things I have completed....

Dr. Venethrax will see you now.

And the start of his crew...

  They turned out, I will admit there is way more detail than I originally thought on them.  I have to have 20 of them for 35 pts, so I have another ten to take what I learned and improve on it.  Under way are teh Seether, Skarlock and General Slaughterborn.  Slaughterborn and Skarlock should be done by mid-June, although with the end of the quarter approaching they may get punted back a little.

My goal is to get 35pts of Venethrax tier 4 done by the time the new Ashlynn model and Galleon are released for Mercs.

Also, I have been having some fun with photography and found this guy in my back yard...

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Okay, so I haven't super painter man recently but I have been working on something. These Bloodgorgers despite being generally a "cover it in wash" model have turned out to be ultra detailed for basic infantry.

I still have to start picking out the spikes and rocks in their skin, but I am slowly getting there. Once those are done however, I have to do 10 more of the buggers.

Oh, and here is a finished Venethax. I used the word venom in Cryxian hieroglyphs to mark the front arc. Ironically, Venom is not one of his spells but had nice verticals to mark the center and edges with.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Been a busy two weeks

... But I had sometime to get some painting in. Here is Venethrax and his ten beasties. Venethrax is almost done, needing just the facing arcs and touch up before sealing. I think I will them as cryxian runes with either off colors or strong vertical lines for the ends of the arcs.

This batch of Bloodgorgers is my first experiment with the GW washes. They feel slightly different, but results as about 95% of the old ones. Nuln oil seems very close Badab Black, but the replacement for Delvan Mud lacks a little something, seeming more like burnt umber wash than "dirt in a bottle". This batch of Bloodgorgers is being done following the scheme shown in the trollblood book for the earth born troll whelp.

After the Bloodgorgers and Venethrax, next comes a Seether, skarlock and the big boy himself General Gerlac Slaughterborn. That combo will be my go 15 point list. 35 will be more Bloodgorgers and another Seether.